Monday, October 13, 2014

Ugh Damn You Idaho...

... because now I have to update the marriage map to include Alaska and Idaho.

Marriage Equality Map October 14 2014

Bastards making me do work.

Liam '14

Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Virginia is for Buttfuckers" Probably Won't be Their New Slogan

On October 6, the Supreme Court denied cert. to the 490 kagillion 7 marriage cases before the Court. 

I celebrate the fact that on Monday morning, 58.92 percent of the country will have full access to consensual marriage based off of 2013 population projections.

Gay Marriage Map October 2014

Prior to last week’s non-decision-decision, I listed several reasons as to why this will be a historically significant failure of the Court. In around two years it appears that every jurisdiction in the United States will acknowledge marriage equality, without the Supreme Court acting.

In the upcoming months after Texas and Florida (and a few other stragglers) recognize marriage equality, around 89.90 percent will be able to, with consent, marry whomever they choose. 

Project Gay Marriage Map 2015

But that still means that tomorrow, around 40 percent of gay people will have fewer rights than heterosexuals on death row. It also means that due to the timing, there will be no decision like Loving v. Virginia for gays. The Roberts Court will not be viewed by kindly by history over their non-decision, like the Warren Court. There is no apology for 230 years of legal discrimination.

I am reposting this graphic created by Randall Munroe at, who created a graphic that explains my feelings better than what words can express.

Go to for more fabulous cartoons.

Liam ‘14