Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Sexuality is Corporate Sponsored Apparently

With inclusion into mainstream society, Pride has attracted large name companies as sponsors. Hurrah for inclusion, we've made it and advertisers want our money.

This year the Capital Pride Alliance was sponsored by Hilton Hotels. The HRC has given them a corporate rating of 100% for 2016 & 2015.

While it's great that the corporation treats its gay customers and staff humanly, I am not willing to give them a free pass when it comes to their political contributions. While their overall contributions to Republicans and Democrats in 2014 were relatively even (they gave Republicans 60K compared to the Democrats 40K), they gave out a lot of money to anti-gay Representatives (which I define as a representative who scored a 0 on the HRC Scorecard.)

Below is table of the money that went to Republicans from Hilton Worldwide's PAC.

2014 Hilton Worldwide PAC FEC ID (C00213074) Contributions to Republican Candidates

Amount* Rank 112th HRC Score
Comstock, Barbara (R-VA) $7,600 1 NA
Camp, Dave (R-MI) $5,000 3 0
Upton, Fred (R-MI) $5,000 3 0
Grimm, Michael (R-NY) $4,500 7 0
Cantor, Eric (R-VA) $4,494 9 0
Goodlatte, Bob (R-VA) $3,500 11 0
Love, Mia (R-UT) $3,500 11 NA
Bilirakis, Gus (R-FL) $2,500 15 0
Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-FL) $2,500 15 45
Heck, Joe (R-NV) $2,500 15 0
McCarthy, Kevin (R-CA) $2,500 15 0
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (R-WA) $2,500 15 0
Ryan, Paul (R-WI) $2,500 15 0
Scalise, Steve (R-LA) $2,500 15 0
Noem, Kristi (R-SD) $2,000 24 0
Ribble, Reid (R-WI) $2,000 24 0
Terry, Lee (R-NE) $2,000 24 15
Katko, John (R-NY) $1,500 27 NA
Duffy, Sean P (R-WI) $1,000 29 0
Griffin, Taylor (R-NC) $1,000 29 NA
Issa, Darrell (R-CA) $1,000 29 0
Moll, Thomas (R-AR) $1,000 29 NA
Reed, Tom (R-NY) $1,000 29 0
Shuster, Bill (R-PA) $1,000 29 0
Total $64,594 Average 3.16

Unfortunately Hilton is not the only sponsor of Pride in the same boat. Hilton's competitor, Marriott, likewise donate to a slew of anti-gay politicians.

Below is a table of the House Candidates that they donate to in 2014.

2014 Marriott International, Inc PAC FEC ID (C00284810) Contributions to Republican Candidates
Name Amount* Rank 112th HRC Score
Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-FL) $7,500 2 45
Heck, Joe (R-NV) $7,500 2 0
McCarthy, Kevin (R-CA) $7,500 2 0
Bilirakis, Gus (R-FL) $5,000 6 0
Boehner, John (R-OH) $5,000 6 NA
Camp, Dave (R-MI) $5,000 6 0
Cantor, Eric (R-VA) $5,000 6 0
Grimm, Michael (R-NY) $5,000 6 0
Ryan, Paul (R-WI) $5,000 6 0
Ellmers, Renee (R-NC) $2,500 20 0
Goodlatte, Bob (R-VA) $2,500 20 0
Hanna, Richard (R-NY) $2,500 20 97
Hensarling, Jeb (R-TX) $2,500 20 0
Issa, Darrell (R-CA) $2,500 20 0
Kline, John (R-MN) $2,500 20 0
McCaul, Michael (R-TX) $2,500 20 0
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (R-WA) $2,500 20 0
Scalise, Steve (R-LA) $2,500 20 0
DeSantis, Ron (R-FL) $2,000 31 NA
Gowdy, Trey (R-SC) $2,000 31 0
Pompeo, Mike (R-KS) $2,000 31 0
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana (R-FL) $2,000 31 98
Terry, Lee (R-NE) $2,000 31 15
Harris, Andy (R-MD) $1,000 39 0
Labrador, Raul (R-ID) $1,000 39 0
Poe, Ted (R-TX) $1,000 39 15
Posey, Bill (R-FL) $1,000 39 0
Rigell, Scott (R-VA) $1,000 39 0
Roskam, Peter (R-IL) $1,000 39 0
Smith, Lamar (R-TX) $1,000 39 NA
Total $92,000 Average 10

* Figure does not Include Contributions to Leadership PACs

While I do not think the community should automatically cut ties with these sponsor, I do believe some very important questions need to be answered by both the community and the sponsors.

Can we use our purchasing power to sway companies into pressuring anti-LGBT law makers into making better choices?

If we can, is it worth temporarily slowing progress in exchange for long term gains?

If can't should the community be in business with companies that give money to our opponents, even if they are great to us?

Are gay people just walking money sacks with a high disposable income to be exploited?

I don't think these will be answered anytime soon. Not that they are easy to answer nor would necessarily be of benefit.

To reiterate, I'm all for inclusion, but should that come at a cost of our rights, privileges and benefits?

Liam '16


According to the Pet Shop Boys, it's a sin.

According to the man standing at the end of the Pride Parade route, it's a sin.

But why?

I should have asked the man why, what reason outside of the bible, is anal sex a sin. But instead after telling me he would pray for my sins, I taunted him with a quip that I would be thinking about him when I fuck my dildo later.

-Dunk Liam is not very clever.-

So why? Why the hate?

It's unnatural: Nope. Not unless animals are unnatural as well.

It's dirty: Shower and douche.

It hurts: Poppers, lube, and relaxation.

Higher STI rate: Condoms and silicone lube. Always.

Because god: doesn't exist.

On the day this was written, a gunman went into a gay night club and murdered at least 50 people in Orlando, Florida. While their motives have not been stated, I am willing to guess it was terrorist attack in response to Pride Weekend.

Why? WHY THE FUCK? I just need to know why? Why is murder love? Why is hatred love? Why is love wrong? Why?

Liam '16