Sunday, November 9, 2014

History of Marriage Equality


***Due to the inexplicable intervention of the Supreme Court late last night, marriage equality has been delayed in Kansas. I have updated .gif to reflect the accuracy of the history.***

I put together this .gif file based on the date when marriage equality reached some sort of res judicata, and people were able to actually get married in those states.

Same Sex Marriage History Map November 11 2014
A brief history of marriage 2004-2014

Miles to go and all that Jizz Jazz. Texas and Arkansas are due soon, and Montana and South Carolina have no excuse to deny marriage equality a single day longer.

All that is left of interest is what the Supreme Court will do with the 6th Circuit, since they clearly did done fuck up. Remand it to the 6th en banc, reverse without comment? I dont know.

I probably won't go through the decision because of the possibility of an anger seizure from the stupidity.

Liam '14