Sunday, November 15, 2015

People Haven't Lost Their Sense of Humor, You're just not Funny.

Just a random thought. I was reading a comment that someone posted that was supposed to be sarcastic/postmodern. When somebody replied "?," the original poster flip out about how no one understands sarcasm anymore. The problem with their argument is that their comment wasn't funny, nor did it make a point as sarcasm. So they have little right to be indignant.

I did a little digging, and I think they fancy themself as a rightwing Andy Kaufman.

One problem with writing is that it takes away delivery. In the written form Ann Coulter is Stephen Colbert. Who knows, maybe she is just a postmodern performance actress after all or perhaps Andy Kauffman in drag.

Which brings me back to the title of this post "People Haven't Lost Their Sense of Humor, You're just not Funny." Perhaps one of things that annoys me most lately is the phrase "people have lost their sense of humor," which is then followed by a long diatribe about the awfulness of PC. Quelle horreur! People expect you to treat others with basic human dignity! What a fucking monster the left are.

But it's not about PC, it's about the comedian not being funny or just not being a decent human being in general. The general rule of thumb is if the joke's funny, and it comes from a good place then people will laugh.  Otherwise people will judge you. And that would go against the 1st amendment and freedumz of speach.

In this joke, Louis CK does a very good job of reassuring the audience that he is with gay people. He doesn't simply say that he's not homophobic; he paints a picture using graphic words. It's odd that I like this joke, because I really don't like when straight people use the word "faggot" (whenever I was picked on in school that's the word boys would use, and it meant homosexual), but the joke kind of takes the sting out of the word. Perhaps it's, because I don't feel targeted when he's telling it.

Contrast with:

Kevin Hart fails. This joke is supposed to be about his failings as a father. That's obvious. This segment could be funny; however the problem is that he doesn't come back to the subject at hand. There's no turn or twist; the joke just sits stagnant. His spiel is that he's not homophobic but this one time he totally kicked the shit out of his son because another boy was grinding with him.

Hopefully this geared up to 10:10... but anyway I think Sam Seder gets it right when he says:
"If these guys can't see that there is a difference between doing comedy that is based upon marginalizing people who already are marginalized and disempowered in our society versus doing comedy about taboo subjects that may offend people, if they can't see the difference between them that's because-- I should say-- they're not bright enough to do this stuff anyway."
Bleh. Scattered brain today.Yeah so no one's stopping Jerry Seinfeld from saying anything except Jerry Seinfeld. He's just worried about how people will take edgy bits.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there are 7 billion assholes on this planet. If you do anything, someone somewhere will be offended. Don't worry about how others feel. Worry about what your doing and if it's the right thing to do. Most people get that it's about intention. So don't shit on marginalized communities; joke with them.

Liam '15