Friday, June 6, 2014

It's a Pride Day Miracle

Today it's Wisconsin, in the form of Wolf v. Walker.

And this one is especially salacious:
Citing these changing public attitudes, defendants seem to suggest that this case is not necessary because a majority of Wisconsin citizens will soon favor same-sex marriage, if they do not already. Dfts.’ Br., dkt. #102, at 40 (citing article by Nate Silver predicting that 64% of Wisconsinites will favor same-sex marriage by 2020).
Quoting Nate Silver while granting marriage equality... Hot.Obviously I have not thoroughly read this 88 page tome, but there is much more in here. Plus whiskey makes it difficult to focus.

Marriage Map 2014

In honor of today's victory I made this map. I think from now on I will update this when the rest of the states fall like dominoes, muahahaha!

Liam '14

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